(To the tune of Tom Petty's "Free Fallin'")

He's a good goy

Loves his mama

Loves Jesus

and Israel too

He's a good goy

Wants to bomb Arabs

Join the army, just waiting for his cue

And it's a long day

Living in America

There's an eagle flying through the sky

And he's a bad goy

Cuz he tried to shoot it

He's a bad goy cuz he aimed for their hearts

And now we're bad

bad goyim!

Yeah, we're bad

bad goyim!

She's a liberal

Wants free healthcare

Down in Wall Street, she's holding up a sign

And she's a good goy

Voted twice for Obama

But she's a bad goy

For saying free Palestine

And now we're bad

Bad goyim!

Yeah we're bad

Bad goyim!

(Bad goyim, now we're, bad goyim, now we're)

I want freedom

and cut all the taxes

I think abortion is everyone's right

I want to end the racist war on drugs

but I don't hate that my skin is white

And now we're bad (bad goyim, now we're)

bad goyim! (bad goyim, now we're)

Yeah we're bad (bad goyim, now we're)

Yeah, we're bad

bad goyim


(bad goyim, whoaa, bad goyim)

Bad goyim!

Yeah we're bad!

Oh, bad goyim!

(Bad goyim, now we're...)

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