My fellow wikians. Confeess thy sins h're.

I once killed a man in Reno just to watch him die.

I'm secretly obsessed with Kaido

I would blow a guy for, like, 5 bucks.

omg blow me

I'm Batman

Hey, I'm a pimp. You got 5 bucks?

No, I'm Batman

Sry bro I'm saving up to get laid.

I go it cheap. Just 30 bucks.

I would blow Batman for less than 5 bucks.

Batman doesn't need to pay. Blowjobs come to him (if you know what I mean).

Batman would give blowjobs to Bob Ross

Who wouldn't give a blowjob to Bob Ross?

Me. I only give blow jobs to soccer players.

Me. Because Bob Ross is not a soccer player. And yes, Catalogne is not free yet.

It is if the great Bob Ross wills it.

this conversation is making me wet.

.*hands Jopie umbrella*

Why? Was it raining while you read it?

I've sometimes masturbated to porn with the wikia chat tab open in the background

I'd be more interested if you masturbated to chat with porn open in the background.

I'd ship it

Why do you even masturbate with the wikia chat open in the background? That doesn't make any sense, Bob Ross.

Siri was pissing me off today, so I decided to disable her.....permanately 

Sorry, not into android kinkyness.

Why, it's hawt?

Needs more hawt sauce

I miss Staw

*Eats Tai food*

I don't care for Nova.