Liberal socialism (not to be confused with Commies) is the most logical, insightful and influential political idea ever created. It is the official ideology of Eiichiro Oda (before working for Shueisha), Gaimon, Bob Ross, and Dank; the four saints of the Church of Canon. They oppose copyrights and support scanlators that actually helped people to buy legal content.[1]

Actual definitionEdit

  • Center-left - being progressive rather than conservative
  • Center-right - being conservative rather than progressive

Liberal socialists are the brainchildren of democratic socialists and center-left liberals, both exist everywhere but the latter does not exist in Sweden because all liberals are considered center-right[2]. In One Piece, they believe that the manga and anime should be continued to be pirated because there are marks of Shueisha, Toei Animation and Viz Media on the content. Since socialism is still about giving one of your two cows to your neighbor who has none regardless of orientation[3], one has to give them to the state (Wikias) and the state shall give the content to the readers for free.


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