Go home, your drunk. *coughs* YOU'RE DRUNK!

Motosikal (Manglish and Bahasa Indonesia), alternately known as the correct term motorcycle or motorbike (English), motorsiklo (Spangalog) and tuk-tuk (Thai), are a common kind of vehicle in One Piece and loved by the mat rempits (picture on the roight). There are only two motosikals named, Tony Tony Chopper and the Franky Motosikal Faggio IV.


All motosikals look like motorcycles, except that they go angry at night and attack their owners, according to the leading news website Jantsuu.

Abilities and powersEdit

They have a very small engine compared to motorcycles and motorbikes, usually at around 125 to 200 cc. That means the Harley-Davidsun has a bigger engine than what they have. However, the motosikal and its cousin the datsikal (dirtsikal in the Philippines because we already $peak in dollah$) are the ones used in racing, as preferred by the Mat Rempit Organisation. The electrical modifications are commonly not organized so they suck when something catches fire.


Dunno, mat rempits brought it to the One Piece world.